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This Special Award recognises an individual or community group for their dedication and service to the community over a sustained period of time.

The individual is involved with an organisation that celebrates an anniversary this month and this person’s involvement represents a ‘journey’ of far more than the age of the organisation. As Martin Luther King states ‘I have a dream’, and so does this person. Years of forming, storming, norming has now enabled it to perform.

Like with most things, the journey was not an easy one, beset by disappointment, challenges and constantly having to rethink in order to keep up with current trends or in some cases ‘one step ahead’! However that was not a deterrent and with the support of his wife and a core group of family/community members, the organisation was birthed and is still alive, empowering the community

The journey did not start at the conception of the current organisation; as this individual was also heavily involved in the entertainment industry. He has not done it alone but has been supported all the way by his wife who has undertaken roles in the community.

We would like to recognise the efforts of this individual who has not only contributed to the growth of the Economy and Business offering volunteering and personal development opportunities for many individuals, many of whom have now gone onto greater things.

This person has given years of dedication and Service to the Community, promoted Community Cohesion, which in turn is making a difference in Gloucester. We hope that others will be energised into action (its not too late) and inspired to get involved by ‘picking up the baton’ to continue the race. This Special Award of Appreciation is presented to: Derrick Francis

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