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Paulette England

Presenters Name


Show Title / Genre

Saturday Soup/ Topical Discussion

Interests & Hobbies

Fashion, Interior Design, Reading, Travel, Music and Socialising

Musical Background / History

My brother had his own slot on GFM and many family members are involved in music in some shape or form, so it was a natural progress for me.

How did you get involved in GFM?

Long time family friend Hazel Gordon. had approached me about co hosting a topical show, I guess because she knows I am very opinionated and enjoy a mental duel


Becoming one of the Saturday Soup Crew!

Musical Aspirations

I would like to host my own show and completely master the art of entertaining over the airwaves!

Most influential tracks

Redemption Songs by Bob Marley- The track speaks volumes for it self! Intelligent, touching and thought provoking!

One sweet day by Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men-
For anyone who has ever lost anyone, some reflection in this touching balled.

Crazy in love by Beyonce – the track is simply banging a real booty shaker!

Message to GFM Community

I hope you are enlightened, excited, inspired, humoured, and above all entertained by my presents on and in the GFM Family! Many Thanks for your future support from Paulette x

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