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Name/Stage Name:
Liam Sheehy – Nash

Show title & Genre: Nash presents…
The latest UK singles and newest music that’s currently in the UK, hear all the new songs and releases first on GFM
Interests & Hobbies:
I love producing music and producing videos for artists of all genres’s and interests. I love all Technology!
Musical Background/History:
I always had a massive interest in music since I was tiny and in about 2006 I started producing music myself and for other people with a small microphone that I got given! Since then I’ve always loved spending money on the more updated equipment and I don’t think my obsession for that will ever stop!
How did you get involved with GFM?
I started doing my own little internet radios and presenting on them from about 2009 until now and I really enjoyed doing them and then I got invited onto a show by John Mustoe and ever since then I really loved it and wanted to become a part of a proper radio and broadcast to a bigger audience!
I’ve been on GFM about 3 times before being given my own show and I received loads of positive feedback from loads of people, even people I didn’t know! I have done numerous parties for people and have also received a lot of positive feedback from that!
Musical aspirations:
In a few years to come I would really like my music to pick up and get somewhere, I already have a fairly large fan base but it isn’t enough to get me out there and known so I think this would be a perfect opportunity to get my name out there more!
Most Influential Tracks:
Labrinth – Let the sunshine (Always cheer’s me up when I’m feeling down!)
Skepta – Oh My Gosh (Always gets me motivated and in the mood to do anything!)
Too many more to say haha!
Message to the GFM Community:
Only you can make a change to yourself so try your hardest because it’s not hard to achieve your goals! You just have to want it enough and show your full potential to get it! It’s only an arm’s length away

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