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DJ Fyah presents…

D J Fyah

Reggae Music featuring up to the times & from way back when. Music for the young and old...

Matthew Cornwall (Kaos)


Presenters Name

Matthew Cornwall (Kaos)

Show Title / Genre

Reggae Dancehall Show

Interests & Hobbies

Football, Music and Girls

Musical Background / History

I became involved in GFM after helping out a previous presenter by answering calls and taking messages. For me it was just about finding out how things work behind the scene, and then playing the music that people want to hear.

How did you get involved in GFM?

I had heard of the station and decided to tune in. When I did, I remember thinking that I would absolutely love to be a part of that. I handed my details in and waited for the call…!


Being part of GFM for the last 4 years

Musical Aspirations

As part of GFM and the Fire Squad I just want to continue entertaining people weather it’s live on the radio or in a club.

Most influential tracks

Beenie Man

These 3 artists in particular have inspired me the way that they have been so consistent over the last 10yrs.

Message to GFM Community

We need your support. It’s for “you” the community and gets bigger and stronger year.

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