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Leon Brown

Leon Brown

Presenters Name

Leon Brown

Show Title / Genre

Northern soul Show

Interests & Hobbies

Watching Man United, listening to Northern Soul

Musical Background / History

Loved Northern Soul since I was about 15/16 going to the YMCA in Sebert Street. Started collecting records not long after that I run my own soul nights at The New County Hotel, been over to Sweden djing a couple of times, djing at a few all-nighters.

How did you get involved in GFM?

To bring back Northern Soul to the people of Gloucester like it was when I was younger


Being accepted into the GFM Family and winning a dancing competition.

Musical Aspirations

As one of the older members of the family (At just over 21) I want to bring back to Gloucester the best in Northern Soul.

Most influential tracks

Tempos: Count Down Here I Come (The first Northern record I bought)
Dotty Cambridge: Cry Your Eyes Out

Message to GFM Community

Some of you younger guys should listen to Northern Soul, just like the young guys do in Europe (Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain etc) its not just older peoples music

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