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DJ Heat


Presenters Name

DJ Heat

Show Title / Genre

Heavyweight Mix AKA Heat and Danger Show

Playing the best in all genres of music from a black origin (Main Focus: Funky House, Bassline, UKG, Hip Hop, and RnB)

Interests & Hobbies

Music, DJing, Producing Music, Football, Gym, Basketball and Computers.

Musical Background / History

I’ve been brought up on music through my dad who was a reggae dj in a sound. I also studied music at college and have dj’d at various clubs around the Southwest.

How did you get involved in GFM?

I’ve been listening to GFM since the start and thought there might be an audience out there that I could reach so gave in a demo and here I am.


National diploma in music technology. Also being accepted by GFM to host a show. Every new step I make in the music industry is an achievement, no matter how small.

Musical Aspirations

My music to live long after I do

Most influential tracks

Bashy – Black Boys: one the most influential tracks of this day and age for the black community.

Tupac – Changes: I think this one touched everybody

Message to GFM Community

You get back what you put in!!!!

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