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DJ Callide

CallidePresenters Name

DJ Callide (Aka CSS)

Show Title / Genre

The Liquid Drum and Bass Show presented by Stilla Audio

Interests & Hobbies

Producing music, radio, DJ’ing, teaching music, travelling, reading and extreme world cinema.

Musical Background / History

It all started in Gloucester putting on small dnb parties and playing at local events around the area. 10 years of hard work and I’m now a professional Drum and Bass DJ, Producer and Record Label Manager.

How did you get involved in GFM?

Back in 2002/3, my path crossed with the station manager of GFM (DC), it was clear we shared a passion for music and I was invited in to the GFM Family. I started off initially holding down the Tuesday slot of 11-1, and soon took over the prime time slot of Saturday 8-10, through the recommendation and stepping down of local dnb legend Gary T. Over the years I presented the Drum and Bass Show on GFM gaining listeners from all over world, each weekend tuning in to exclusive never heard before music. I had to leave the show in 2010 as unfortunately Saturdays 8-10 often conflicted with overseas DJ bookings. Now as part of a brand new liquid movement, we’ll taking on the Friday slot of 7-9, and its great to be back on the airwaves.


Being involved with GFM for over 9 years.
Over 30 releases on vinyl selling in records stores all over the world.
Managing 3 lables, System Shock, Mechanical Audio and Stilla Audio.
DJ’ing in places like Los Angeles, Venezuela, Portugal, Mexico, Columbia, Paris, Berlin, Las Vegas and more!
Releases on Ram Records, Sonic Art, 36 Hertz, Mix n Blen and many other labels.
Having my tunes played each month on Radio 1.
Having my tunes played by Andy C, Friction, Pendulum, Hazard, Grooverider, Fabio and more.
Representing the City of Gloucester!


Musical Aspirations

I was asked this question on GFM 5 years ago, and I have exceeded all of my musical aspirations by a mile! So, this time I’d like to have 7 wives (actually make that girlfriends!), own my own Country, build a super club, visit outer space, make a movie and never forget my roots and my friends.

Most influential tracks

Callide – Supreme – Ram Records
Callide – Let it Go – System Shock
Dillinja – 96 Thing – Valve Records
Pendulum – Bacteria Remix (you can’t touch this!)
Klute – Part of Me – Hospital

Message to GFM Community

Support me and Stilla Audio, and we’ll dedicate ourselves to providing you with a drum and bass musical service rivaled by no other.

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