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Dan ‘The Fish’ Clatworthy


Presenters Name

Dan ‘The Fish’ Clatworthy

Show Title / Genre

The B-Line- Hip-Hop and party vibes

Interests & Hobbies

Music: Sports: Literature: Current affairs: Therapies: Social inclusion.

Musical Background / History

Have been successful in running a club with a cutting edge music policy. Put on gigs no-one else would dare and still made money (Roni Size in a 200 capacity venue). Have DJ’d or run promotions at a variety of Cheltenham venues and have close links to the Gloucester guys (Ade Simpson was one of my residents in the days before GFM). I have good industry contacts and personal relationships with some high profile artists. Music is my life.

How did you get involved in GFM?

Grew up with pirate stations so I know how crucial radio is to community, I feel I have something to offer and knew some of the many good people already at GFM


Good feedback about guest slots on the breaks n beats show but the most listened to Saturday night show would be an achievement.

Musical Aspirations

Have no desire to seek fame and fortune, this is about giving back in an area that I am incredibly passionate about. 5 years time? Presenting the hottest show on GFM?????

Most influential tracks

Completely unfair question!!!! Public Enemy – Rebel without a pause, Marvin Gaye – Let’s get it on, Barrington Levy – Broader than Broadway.

Message to GFM Community

Drop the beats to increase the peace, let’s change the world!!!!!

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