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African HeartBeats (Tuesdays 1900 – 2100)

This is not just a music show but a combination with discussions, interviews and features focussing on topical issues that involve or affect Africans both back at home and in the diaspora. This includes politics, sports, social issues, food and fashion. If it is happening, we are talking about it.

Street Beats: Africa (Thursday 2300 – 0100)

This is purely a show dedicated to urban music out of the motherland Africa and its artists based abroad. These genres are largely inspired by R and B, Hip Hop and Dancehall but have influences from their own societies and hence are all unique to the place of origin. This is normally a non-stop music journey, which is only occasionally interrupted when highlighting an artist or the genre.

Interests & Hobbies

I enjoy farming, because it is connects me to that basic life need… which is food. When I nurture an animal or till a field and watch it produce harvests at the end of the season, I get a sense of contentment. Technology has made farming more interesting with GPS precision farming, breeding techniques, genetic engineering, development of farming machinery and computerisation. However, the biggest appreciation I have of farming is being in the outdoors in the fresh air away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and which is why I studied Agriculture.

I have a strong appreciation of all forms of the arts from architecture, designing, painting, music, dance etc. to such an extent that I have challenged myself to see through at least one project in all disciplines of the arts. I am designing my ultimate dream house, which, God willing I should build in the future. Currently Im researching information for a book I intend to write and publish called “The Endangered Religions of Africa”. I am also song writing and compiling a music album, which I hope to record as a one off despite my inability to sing. In terms of fashion, I have come up with an apparel design which can be described as modern African apparel. This is not for a clothing line but for me to wear. Motoring is yet another aspect I love, but since I could not design and build a car, I decided to restore and modify a 1964 Hillman Minx convertible to suit my taste in cars. So far I have managed to do a pencil portrait for my teenage best friend, which I did well despite giving her a rather thick neck. Also I have done a private collection of poems “Odes”.

Musical Background / History

My first involvement with music was when I was asked to join my primary school choir as an alto. We had a piano at my relatively basic school back in Africa and the music teacher gave me the privilege of learning how to play it even though there were three of us playing at each one time. By the time I went to high school, I had decided to take music as a career so I got involved with those that were musically minded and started participating in variety shows. Since I had my fingers in too many pies and could not make up my mind which area of music I wanted to progress in, I never managed to develop myself. The lack of adequate and quality music gear, the stereotype that commercial music had in my community and the fact that commercial music scene was too small forced me to find an alternative career path, which happened to be agriculture. When I came to the UK to study agriculture, I realised everyone was some sort of a bedroom or basement DJ, undiscovered rapper or singer/songwriter. This gave me an opportunity to do my stuff on their home kits, which were state of the art compared to what I had at home. That revived my passion and I carried that on as a hobby. I only shared this passion for music with my friends at parties…until I decided to try for GFM and share it with the community.

How did you get involved in GFM?

I never achieved anything worth mentioning music wise before joining GFM, however, since being a member I progressed from doing one show a week to two shows based on Africa. I have also covered other shows such as the Breakfast show, Lunchtime Mix, Bantu Drivetime, Saturday Night Reggae Jam, Musical memories as well playing my first club scene at the GFM 2nd birthday Party at Liquid night Club. I have also gone beyond just playing music and done interviews on topical issues, both in the studio and by telephone. Another achievement I recognise which not everyone may is that combined, I have played every hour slot of live broadcasting on GFM. My future show desire is to do a one off community link show so Carol if you read this, Im coming.


Since its inception as a summer radio station, I wanted to be part of it so that I could introduce the listeners to contemporary genres of African music which they never knew existed, but the summer happened to be the busiest part of the Agricultural season, so I never could get involved with broadcasting. My dreams were realised when GFM was granted a full licence and they started searching for more volunteers. Dino was the African Beats presenter at the time and he played Afro pop, jazz and soukouss. When I was granted a show slot, his show was then complimented by my African R & B, Hip Hop and Dancehall which I presented on Street Beats: AFRICA.

Musical Aspirations

As far music is concerned, I would like to keep it purely as a hobby that I can retreat to from the stresses and strains of my farming profession. However, I would like to record my one off album for the fun of it as well as to try and produce another one with different artists. I would also like to help raise the profile of Zimbabwean Urban music to similar levels enjoyed by Nigerian, Kenyan and Tanzanian Urban music as well as infiltrating the rest of urban Afro Vibes into the rest of the world. I ll do my part.

Most influential tracks

Papa stop the war – Chicco (Selo Twala)

Big up – Shaggy

Message to GFM Community

I find it very frustrating that the community demonstrated a need for a radio station dedicated to them, which sowed the seed for GFM. However, after GFM got introduced full time, they lay back and do not give it the ultimate support it needs whether financially or morally. We have four phone lines, a text facility and e-mail domain installed in the studio so listeners can interact with presenters but the interaction is sadly sporadic. GFM struggles to stay on air and it would be great if the community invested into the future of the station or else they may wake up one morning and find the airwaves quiet for good. My message to the community is “Remember what tuning into the radio used to be like before GFM came along. If GFM goes off air, it may be difficult to get it back on.

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