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Father Rue

Father Rue

Presenters Name

Father Rue

Show Title / Genre

Rice & Peas Show / Reggae Revival’s

Interests & Hobbies

Listening to music, Swimming, Playing Dominoes, IT Study, Dancing.

Musical Background / History

Ever since I can remember I’ve been listening to music, my first aspiration was listening to calypso, as I grew older my musical taste widen. I listened to rhythm and blues, jazz, reggae, soul and most modern music; because of my knowledge of music I become the first choice to play music at parties

How did you get involved in GFM?

I use to listen to the station and then I got on a former presenters show and watch, learning and become fascinated knowing I can do the job and then the opportunity came I was asked to take over the show, because I wanted to share my vast musical variety with the community


I broadcast lat year (2004) and was given a certificate of appreciation, the show was popular with the community

Musical Aspirations

I would like to have a regular slot also on weekdays and also behind the scene.

Most influential tracks

My Way
Send Me Some Loving
Stand By Me

Message to GFM Community

I would like more people to listen and more involved and support the station and be good to each other.

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