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Vintage Soul

Mark Moyse

In keeping with the spirit of Mothering Sunday, Mark's Mum will be with him as he presents his show. Two hours of vintage soul classics specially sele...

Father Rue

Father Rue

Presenters Name

Father Rue

Show Title / Genre

Rice & Peas Show / Reggae Revival’s

Interests & Hobbies

Listening to music, Swimming, Playing Dominoes, IT Study, Dancing.

Musical Background / History

Ever since I can remember I’ve been listening to music, my first aspiration was listening to calypso, as I grew older my musical taste widen. I listened to rhythm and blues, jazz, reggae, soul and most modern music; because of my knowledge of music I become the first choice to play music at parties

How did you get involved in GFM?

I use to listen to the station and then I got on a former presenters show and watch, learning and become fascinated knowing I can do the job and then the opportunity came I was asked to take over the show, because I wanted to share my vast musical variety with the community


I broadcast lat year (2004) and was given a certificate of appreciation, the show was popular with the community

Musical Aspirations

I would like to have a regular slot also on weekdays and also behind the scene.

Most influential tracks

My Way
Send Me Some Loving
Stand By Me

Message to GFM Community

I would like more people to listen and more involved and support the station and be good to each other.

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