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Chris Maltby Show

Chris Maltby

Revisit the era of Rhythm & Blues from over 50 years ago and some names & tunes not often heard today........

DJ Digital

 DJ Digital

Presenters Name
DJ Digital 

Show Title / Genre

DJ Digital presents…………..

The Digital eXperience taking you through the afternoon with Soul, Reggae, RNB & UK Soundz

Interests & Hobbies 
Sound engineering

Musical Background / History
A bit of jazz, dance/techno, reggae/dancehall, as my ear enjoy

How did you get involved in GFM?
I heard an appeal being made on the station for presenters

Most Improved Student at primary level, won medals in athletics from primary to secondary level of schooling. Getting the grades to enter traditional high school and later gaining several O levels at the end of five years in high school and most recently becoming a presenter on Gloucester FM.

Musical Aspirations
I want to be a world class DJ as well a music composer for films and games as well as other things

Most influential tracks
Have to say; different stages have different influences

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