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DJ Caviar

Name/Stage Name:  DJ Caviar

Show title & Genre: Friday Night Party

An exciting blend of the finest modern & classic club bangers, Hip Hop, Garage, Funky House & RNB

Interests & Hobbies:

Djing and anything active from bikelife to Football

Musical Background/History:

I have been interested in music for quite a while, and as my dad was a DJ I’ve grown up around it. 

How did you get involved with GFM?

Was contacted by Matt Cornwall


Booked for a 2nd year to DJ at Napa Splash festival and got signed under management from AGE ENTs

Musical aspirations:

My aspirations as a DJ are to become a household name and get to a point where Djing is more than just a hobby

Most Influential Tracks:

  1. Capone – Friday
  2. Max B ft French Montanna – Porno Star
  3. Gio Stackz Ft Ohzee Pachinee – Till The Morning
  4. Bluesz Ft Dank – Crazy Love


Message to the GFM Community:

This is one show you definitely don’t want to miss! 


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